Rebuilding Old Glassworks for Technopoly

Rebuilding Old Glassworks for Technopoly

Technopoly is taking the opportunity during lockdown to rearrange its Southern offices at Mor Workspace.

This involves opening up the wall between the main office and the rear office rooms.

The first stage was to remove around 15 heavy bookcases that were already installed as a wall and then to remove the rear boarding to expose the framework.

Next, we will be taking quotes to design and fit a new glass wall and sliding doors to open up this area so it can be used as a training area/meeting room/video suite and temporary exhibition area.

So it’s a great opportunity to make this new space as versatile and useful as possible.

All of the team are excited to get this project underway and to escaping lockdown as soon as practically possible and to return to this new office, which was only occupied by us for five days before the lockdown.

As soon as we can we will be inviting our customers to visit us and see for themselves our new place and perhaps take advantage of some training or just the opportunity to meet the team to discuss any new requirements or developments. Everyone will be most welcome.

Watch this space for more news.

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